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10 Ways to Market Your Web Site and Have it Market You
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BLUE SKY PROPERTIES IN CYPRUS work closely with a wide range of real estate professionals within our group of companies This allows us to assess your individual needs independent of pre-selecting any area or town. Our goal is to provide sound solutions and advice as we address your specific, personal needs. We understand the need of the customer from first-hand experience. Our experts are available to make your move to Cyprus as trouble-free and comfortable as possible. We serve the entire Cyprus area, and you share in the benefit of that knowledge.

FOR MORE INFO PLEASE VISIT OUR WEB SITE www.propertyincyprus.com

WHY TO CHOOSE CYPRUS ????????????????????????
Cyprus lies in the Northeast corner of the Eastern Mediterranean and marks the cross roads between Europe, Asia and Africa.
Great Investment

A great investment

A great place to live -
Climate - 10 out of the 12 months is full of sunshine and blue sky!

Easy to get to - value flight deals

Very Easy immigration rules

Since EU accession in 2004 the property demand is increased.
Very high capital growth over the accession year and a few years after
Major mediterranean holiday destination which provides high demand

Pension - retire here and pay 5% income tax !

Value of properties still low comparing with other European destinations

Quality - materials, construction, finishes - first class !

For purchasing a property for investment - Longer rental season because of high demand and hence income

Safe environment for the whole family - very low criminal rate

Daily family needs - low cost of living so your money go a lot further

English - easy to integrate with English spoken everywhere !

Driving on the Right

Excellent infrastructure at low cost, very good telecommunications

Sports! From skiing on the mountains in the winter and beaches for water sports, bicycling, excellent quality of golf fields and many more


The site provides a Temperature Scale for the each month of the year.

.. Temperature C
January 16.6
February 16.0
March 19.4
April 22.8
May 27.2
June 30.5
July 34.3
August 35.6
September 31.8
October 28.3
November 23.9
December 19.2

As we enter the new millennium, BLUE SKY PROPERTIES is prepared to face the challenges of the Real Estate Industry by providing our sales associates, clients and customers with the most innovative marketing sales concepts available; Our company is dedicated to continued growth, leadership and service throughout Cyprus. A staff of dedicated and professional consultants are always available at your service, helping you to buy, sell or lease the property that suits your needs. Through extensive experience in this field, WE advise customers on investment opportunities.

BLUE SKY PROPERTIES always invests in the professional development of its human resources. This enables its property consultants to offer customers extensive guidance across all price ranges in all market niches. Our services include specialist advice on residential property sales and purchases, residential rentals, development and business opportunities, commercial sales and leasing, property management and other ancillary services. We are proud for giving the highest level of personalized service and individual attention to all our clients.

BLUE SKY PROPERTIES is committed to make any property transaction a straight forward and uncomplicated process. Whatever your needs are, our property consultants have been trained to offer professional services related to all aspects of the real estate business including legal, architectural and financial advice. For the added convenience of our valued customers our consultants are available seven days a week.

BLUE SKY PROPERTIES in CYPRUS is committed to make any property transaction a straight forward and uncomplicated process. Our services include specialist advice on residential & commercial property sales and purchases, rentals, our own development projects and business opportunities, property management, legal and financial advices. We are proud for giving the highest level of personalized service.


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