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"Will That Be Cash Or Credit?"
From Bangkok to Edmonton, credit card statements stuff mail and email boxes with payment deadlines. Every bill reminds the giver that gifts given freely do not come free. Giving and buying often exceed generosity and need as a brittle piece of...
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Your Ad -- Who Cares?


Junk mail. We all get it. And it goes straight to the trash can. How do you make sure your marketing piece doesn't end up in the round file?

Give it the 'who cares' test. You have approximately five seconds to get your prospect's attention. Make those five seconds count!

1. Start with a grab 'em headline.

2. Follow with a transitional sub headline.

3. Make the body count.

4. Give them a reason to call -- now.

Your prospects don't care about your company. They care about themselves and how you can fix their problem, make them more comfortable, save them time or money, or relieve their stress.

What are your marketing pieces doing for your company?

Denise O'Berry helps small business owners identify and execute the steps to grow their business. Find out more at http://www.whatspossible.com


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