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Various Aspects Of The Lease Purchase Business
In a previous article, we wrote why we believe that Lease Purchasing is the perfect home-based business, here we want to briefly touch on some of the actual aspects of operating such a business, the pluses and minuses and why Lease Purchasing...
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Should You Be In Business?


To be or not to be an entrenpreneur!

Get a mirror, take this quiz, and find out! Your face says a lot about you, so be truthful and answer yes or no.


1 - Do you have high cheekbones?

2 - Do you have a cleft in your chin?

3 - Do you have long nostril?

4 - Do you have a high domed forehead?

5 - Do you have a hook nose?

6 - Are you upper eyelids invisible?

7 - Is you face shape round?

8 - Are your ears sticking out?

9 - Is the Area Between Your Brows Clear?

10 -Are you eyebrows angled?

11 - Is there a gap between your two front teeth?

12 - Is there a single deep wrinkle between your eyes?

You need to answer "yes" to at least 8 of the questions to qualify for a successful business. If you have a face to run successful business, YOU WON! To find out what you won e-mail Kathy Thompson, nationally recognized Face Reader, writer, speaker, profiler.

Face Reading (physiognomy) is an ancient science that reveals the personality and destiny of everyone. When you think about most of the time shows up on your face. So your face becomes a road map of your mind.

As a profiler, Kathy Thompson will do a complete Personal Personality Profile which will help you recognize your strengths, so you can make the right choices in your lifestyle, careers, communications, relationships, health, money matters, and help you use your personality positively.

For more information contact Thompson at: 512-353-7663, ireadfaces@words4-u.com or visit: www.words4-u.com/ireadfaces.html.

With 8 years of teaching and 15 years in Toastmasters, Kathy Thompson really enjoys writing and speaking. She has a B. S. in Business Communications and has taught her programs around the country at various businesses and Adult Education Centers.

She writes and speaks about Health, Personal Communications (writing & speaking), and her unique specialty of "Face Reading" has brought her plenty of media attention.

Kathy's goal is to help you be all you can be and reach your potential. Reach her at: writing4u@words4-u.com http://www.words4-u.com



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