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Secret and POWERFUL Way To Build Your Opt In List


I decided to write this article to show you a very powerful method how you can instantly BOOST the size of your opt in list. This method is very powerful yet not many people use it.

This method can quickly add several hundred subscribers to your list and can be implemented in minutes. All you need is an article (written in a special way) and a little time or money to invest.

So here's what you need to do…

  1. Write an article (in a special way which I reveal).

  2. Get the article in front of as many readers as possible (I reveal how)

Articles are a very good way to add subscribers to your opt in list. You get subscribers when they visit your website or sign up on your list after reading your article.

To make this happen you need a resource box at the bottom of the article stating your name and your sales pitch or recommendation. (I reveal how to structure resource box later.)

To get an article you can write it yourself or pay someone (article writing expert) to write the article for you. I prefer the 2nd method because I'm not very good at writing articles.

When you have the article ready you need to do is get your article in front of as many potential subscribers as possible. You can do this by submitting your article to article directories and directly to newsletter publishers. It's rather hard work and I'll explain how make it easy.

To get your article accepted by as much publishers as possible you need to follow one simple strategy. The strategy is to include a product link somewhere in the article. This way the person who publishes your article can earn income as an affiliate.

This method will increase the chance that your article gets published - BIGtime. The chance that your article will be accepted will be much higher when the publisher can earn money from it by replacing the product URL with an affiliate link.

To increase the chance that your article will be accepted, write it in a way that either:

  1. Gives a solution to a common problem.

  2. Informs the reader about some news or something that is worth to know.

If your article is written that way, it gives the reader a reason to read it and act upon what he reads.

When you have an article you need to submit is to article directories and publishers who will publish it. You can do it either manually or automate the process.

I have to say that submitting your article manually is a big waste of time and you should do it only if spending a little money is a big issue to you. You can automate the whole article submission process completely with Ezine Announcer:

Ezine Announcer will submit your article to all major article directories and directly to 500 or more ezine publishers. Ezine Announcer is a very good tool to gain instant and BIG exposure. Here's the URL:


A great way how to also get your article in front of many publishers is to use one of the article submission services which you can find by searching for "article submission services" on Google.

Some of these services will submit your article to more than 1,000 publishers. One of these services even submits your article to 3,900 publishers. Great isn't it?

A very important part of the strategy is your article resource box. You need to elaborate it so that gets as many clicks as possible. Resource box should be up to 6 lines long and no more than 65 characters in each line.

If your resource box will be longer, you risk losing a chance that your article will be published.

Here's the way how article resource box should be structured:

  1. It must get the readers attention.

  2. It must state a benefit or solution to a problem.

  3. It must call to action.

When you have followed the steps the success with this strategy is guaranteed. Now you need some luck so that many ezine publishers like your article and decide to publish it.

I hope you find this article valuable and can put the new knowledge to use. I'd love to see you succeed at this strategy and invite you to email me with a success story. Meanwhile I recommend you to sign up for my opt in list building course.

FREE Opt In List Building Course Shows You HOW TO:

-> Add subscribers to your opt in list

-> Promote products to your subscribers

-> Make sales from your subscribers

Sign up now at: http://www.affila.net/



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