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Taking Control of Your Workspace
Let's face it: it's HARD to always be "on" when you're at work. No matter how much you try, even the best-laid plans and schedules break down; sometimes it seems like all the forces are against you. You can get discouraged, weary, frustrated...
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Media Star Power Book Review


Media Star Power: ABCs to Successful TV, Radio, Print & Net Interviews

Judy Jernudd

MindShelf Publishing

270 North Canon Drive, #1175, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 310-306-6999

June 2003, ISBN: 0-9722398-3-9

194 pages, $14.95


Judy Jernudd is a former newscaster and television talk show host turned professional speaker and media coach. Her unique background has given Ms. Jernudd the insight into what makes a great media interview and she shares this insight in her book.

Media Star Power covers the terminology of the media world with concise descriptions, quotes and gold star tips. The book starts with "Advance Work" and ends with "ZZZ" and covers just about everything you need to know about media interviews in between. This book will help you become a media savvy guest, market your product and business, position yourself in the media, improve your confidence and help you prepare for a crisis.

All of the topics covered are helpful but some of the most interesting are: creating an on camera look with tips on dressing and jewelry for both men and women, how to react to the media covering your company crisis and how to manage on camera anxiety. This book is a must have for anyone seeking or preparing for media coverage and is sized just right to fit into a purse or briefcase. Readers can use this guide while launching their own media campaign on a budget or to prepare themselves for working with a media coaching company.

Bonnie Jo Davis is the owner and operator a Virtual Assistant firm. She can be reached at http://www.DavisVirtualAssistance.com.


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