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How You Can Learn to be a Better Manager

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When you first take over a department, expectations are usually high but operations are sometimes in disarray. The staff is disorganized, goals arenít being met, and hours are spent on unproductive tasks. Just when you think the company would never get on track, the CFO recommends that you learn more about something called operations assessment.

Crucial Management Skills Help Avoid Mistakes

At first, you arenít sure how operational assessment skills would help you manage better, but you quickly see that the training makes all the difference. You learn that planning without assessment can be as ineffective as not planning at all. You also learn that goal-oriented checklists, frequent follow-ups, and asking the right questions at the right times can eliminate costly mistakes.

With Operations Assessment Training, You Will Be Able To:

  • Articulate the advantages of an operations assessment in the maintenance and improvement of your management systems.

  • Explain the Model of a Process-based Quality Management System, and the purpose and structure of ISO 9001.

  • Plan and execute an operations assessment.

  • Gather objective evidence through observation, interview and sampling of documents and records.

  • Write factual assessment reports that drive improvements in your management system.

  • Develop methods to verify the effectiveness of corrective actions.

Acquire Skills for Continuous Improvement

You can use the methodologies covered by the highly-respected ISO 9000 Quality Standard and its Internal Auditing Methods for continuous process improvement. You can also acquire the skills to conduct systematic business process assessments that drive improved planning, task management, results reporting and remedial solutions.

Simple Lessons, Huge results

Now, your companyís productivity has improved by leaps and bounds. Simple audits before and after handing out assignments ensure that your efforts match your objectives without being redundant.

What Operations Assessment Training Could Do For Your Business

  • Speed project development time

  • Reduce the learning curve of new employees for new processes

  • Lower costs by reducing rework

  • Enhance your ability to predict and achieve measurable results

  • Improve your focus on the processes that are truly important

For you there has never been a better time to learn the critical expertise your organization needs. In no time, the skills you learn give you the tools for the kind of effective business management that gets noticed!

Chris Anderson has over 18 years of sales, marketing and business management experience working with business process design, software and systems engineering. He is also co-author of policies and procedures manual products, producing the layout, process design and implementation to increase performance. He is currently the Managing Director of Bizmanualz, Inc.

Visit: http://www.bizmanualz.com



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